Club Penguin: Temple of Fruit Cheats August 2012

Club Penguin has released the new Adventure Party: Temple of fruit. They decorated the whole island with tons of fruit and other stuff. We still start off with the free items for members and non-members. First off, the pineapple hat is at the cove.

The apple hat is at the Forest.

The Watermelon hat is located at the Dock.

There is also a members only catalog. You can find it at the Dock, Forest, or Cove.

There is also two hidden items in this catalog, the Apple Tiki face paint and the Watermelon Tiki face paint.

Next, go to the Snow Forts and you can get three backgrounds and another free item for non members and members. Throw snow balls into the lava pit. But to get the Yellow, Green, and Red background, you must enter the paths at the Snow Forts.

Once you collect all the backgrounds, you can get another free item. It is the grape costume.

So, here we go. To enter the temple of fruit, you have to find a watermelon, pineapple, and a apple.

The watermelon is located at the Dock.

The apple is located at the Forest.

The pineapple is located at the Cove.

The entrance to the Temple is at the Snow Forts. When you go inside, follow the path.

Each section will light up as you follow it. Continue following the path.

A cage will drop but once it lifts back up, continue following the path. When you enter the next room, hit all the targets with a snowball for light.

Once you enter the next room, waddle down to the bottom of the path so the watermelon doesn't crush you. Then enter the next room.

To claim your prize, throw a snowball into the penguins mouth that opens. You have to wait for the other two prizes though.

That's all for this party. I hope you like it! Comment below on what you think about the party!


Club Penguin PenguinUltraCP New Updates

Hello everyone, Rocky here. I have updated penguinultracp's theme. Comment below if you like it or not because it took me a while to finish this theme and have it all neat lookin'.